Environmental Policy

The company has always strove to maintain a green policy in order to produce as little damage to the environment as possible.
We are committed to ensuring that the entire company meets all required environmental legislation and codes of practice.

There are a number of ways that we have sought to reduce our Carbon Footprint:

Since September 1999 we have no longer operated vehicles that use LRP fuel; currently we have sought to purchase alternatively fuelled vehicles.

This has resulted in the purchase of a converted bio-fuelled vehicle that has reduced fuel consumption and a smaller Carbon Footprint is produced. We have also recently purchased our first hybrid vehicle. This has seen a massive reduction in fuel usage for this vehicle and we believe that these vehicles represent an environmentally friendly approach to cutting pollutants in the atmosphere.

We are actively seeking to purchase alternatively fuelled vehicles, electrically powered vehicles or hybrid vehicles. We at the Star Bus Company remain optimistic that within the next five to seven years a vehicle manufacturer will produce a commercially viable vehicle for our market.

We believe that careful route planning can minimise journey times, thus reducing noise, combustible products and other transport derived pollutants. Not to mention the financial savings from reduced fuel usage, wage costs and wasted idle time of the vehicles.
Even more so now; all routes are carefully planned and each driver is given suitable topographical training emphasising on reduced journey times and the impact on the environment.

The Star Bus Company Ltd, and all and any subsidiary or holding companies, always seeks to improve the general well being of our local environment.
In recent years we have registered with a local paper recycling scheme and all our office waste products are collected and recycled. This company is also registered with the Environment Agency.

The Star Bus Company is fully committed to providing every council it contracts for with a guaranteed environmental friendly policy and is always open for discussion with any council representatives to enhance and improve any of its environmental policies.

For more information on how you can help reduce your Carbon Footprint or offset your Carbon Emissions please visit http://campaigns.direct.gov.uk/actonco2/